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This is the first of many blab-podcasts from my blab show 'Inspire Higher'.

In this podcast, I'm chatting with ex-Masterchef Vanessa Baxter about 'sharing your gift' in workshops.  We give some great gold on knowing what your 'gift' actually is and some do's and don'ts for running workshops.

This is also a great one for those working with Corporate clients as this is Ness' area of expertise as her workshops are all about Corporate Team Building through cooking.

For more about the Inspire Higher Blab Show visit: GotoGirlSocialMedia.com/InspireHigher


Ness Baxter:


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Massive thank you to all of you gorgeous listeners over the past 3+ years! I'm now transitioning over to blab so please join me there and perhaps take a 'seat' and join in the conversation face-to-face!  In this episode I do a wrap up of my highlights from the second half of 2015 and some of the most popular podcasts.

Full show notes and video for this podcast available on: GotoGirlSocialMedia.com/100

For Natalie Cutler-Welsh and Inspire Highter Blab show click here

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I'm a huge believer in co-opetition and shining the light on others which is why I was thrilled to connect on blab with Natalie Eckdahl for Episode #99 of the Go to Girl Podcast. Natalie is a fellow podcaster, who I met in person while attending Social Media Marketing World in March 2015. She is the co-founder of Schedule Max and host of the BizChix Podcast. You can watch the replay video that we recorded on blab.  It's double-Natalie as we share our gold on running a Facebook group.


For full show notes visit: GotoGirlSocialMedia.com/99


Biz Chix Podcast: http://bizchix.com

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Marketing and Branding are crucial to business. So I asked Smita Singh from the Womenpreneur Strategies for Success Podcast to join me on a blab discuss Do's and Don'ts. 


For full show notes visit: http://www.gotogirl.co.nz/98


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Have you tapped into the goodness that is live-stream video?  In this Podcast, Go to Girl Natalie Cutler-Welsh gives you the break down on what, why and how for using Periscope and Blab to grow your business.


For full show notes visit: GotoGirlSocialMedia.com/97

Natalie Cutler-Welsh is an impact entrepreneur, Business & Social Media Mentor and mother of 3. 

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Not only is Jo one of my Business BFF's but she's also brilliant at branding and natural beauty!  With over 1000 products in her online store, in this podcast she shares her experiences and key tips for e-commerce. Including: The customer journey, Ts&Cs and return polity, telling your story and more!

For full show notes visit: http://www.gotogirl.co.nz/96

For Jo's website visit: http://www.vanillabloom.co.nz


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What exactly is your 'Golden Thread'?  Author & copywriting coach Christine Sheehy shares her insight on the importance of 'finding your Golden Thread' and using this in your business.

You can watch the video version of this podcast and get all of the show notes by visiting: GotoGirlSocialMedia.com/95


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I was honoured to be a Speaker at a Social Media Conference alongside Leon Jay.  Leon is an International speaker, Author and entrepreneur.  He made over 1 million in 10 days with the launch of his platform Fusion HQ.  In this podcast he shares his wisdom on 'creating a business that makes a difference' as well as making your business sustainable.

For full podcast show notes visit: GotoGirlSocialMedia.com/94

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Webinars are awesome but OMG they're also a lot of work.  Make sure you prep with these fabulous tips from Naadia Jackson-Amiga from Uniqueness Solutions.  Naadia walks us through 'Crucial steps to prep for your Webinar'.


Full show notes: GotoGirlSocialMedia.com/93


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This is a 'Periscope' Podcast, taken from a Periscope by Natalie Cutler-Welsh aka the 'Go to Girl'.  Here Natalie shares her heartfelt concern and insight around how to 'Keep the Love Alive' in your relationship with your partner/spouse while you're Running a Business.


For the video replay and full show notes please visit: GotoGirlSocialMedia.com/92

Be sure to follow Natalie Cutler-Welsh (GotoGirlNZ) on Twitter & Periscope

Video can do amazing things for your business. It'such a great way to let people really get to know about your business.  There are some things that you want to keep in mind to make sure that the real YOU shines on video.

In this episode I'm chatting with Tanya McQueen from Global Spirit films. Whether you're doing a promo video for your website or an online course, these tips will help you get it right.  

Shownotes and links avaialble at:  GotoGirlSocialMedia.com/91

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So many people say they've tried facebook ads and they don't work.  Well settle in and get ready to listen to the gold that Facebook Ads expert Valerie Shoopman has to share. 

Go to Girl Natalie Cutler-Welsh interviews Valerie on what is working, what not to do and how to effectively target your ideal clients with facebook ads that work.


For full show notes visit:  GotoGirlSocialMedia.com/90

Keep in touch with the latest in Social Media on the Go to Girl Social Media on Facebook page. 

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This one's a bit different!  In this Podcast, Go to Girl Natalie Cutler-Welsh is in the 'guest' position getting interviewed about her journey and the 5 Secrets to Social Media & Networking that she will be sharing at the Social Media Conference in Auckland, New Zealand. 


For full shownotes visit:  gotogirlsocialmedia.com/89

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Take a sneak peak inside the Go to Girl Networking event as Natalie Cutler-Welsh shares her three keys to loving your life and your business.

The Go to Girl. Making social media and business, easy, fun and fabulous!


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Confidence is key when it comes to running your own business, putting yourself out there with marketing and networking.  I'm in the studio (and on video) in this Go to Girl Podcast episode with Amanda Betts from Over 2U and the Bridge the Gap Project. We're talking about 'Owning your Confidence and Giving Back'. 


Podcast shownotes: http://www.gotogirl.co.nz/86/

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What's it like to be a virtual assistant? Who better to ask, than my very own. Come with me this week on a virtual tour behind the VA curtain. 


Making social media & networking easy, fun and fabulous!

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She’s ventured from Romania to New York and rides a skateboard.  Andreea Ayers from Launch, Grow Joy shares her tips n ‘How to connect with Media & get publicity for your Product’.



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So you're loving Podcasts and you want to learn how to get yourself booked as a guest on one?  Then you're going to adore this episode with special guest and fellow podcaster Jessica Rhodes. 

To watch the zoom.us video version of this podcast and get all the show notes come on over to the Go to Girl Website: GotoGirlSocialMedia.com/84

Guest:  Jessica Rhodes from InterviewConnections.com

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We're interviewing from Bali in this episode!  Go to Girl Nat chats with Henare & Kate about Rejuvinating your Relationship.  Henare & Kate are partners in business and in life.  In this animated video podcast, they share their stories and tips around bringing out the best in your relationship. 

**Warning this episode contains some swear words adn sexual references. 

Show notes available at GotoGirlSocialMedia.com/83



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This is the audio file from my Webinar on the 5 Must Do's to get NOTICED on Social Media.

The pdf of the slide deck available on the Go to Girl website.

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I love the way you can apply learning and experiences from almost any industry or aspect of life to running a business!  In this podcast, I'm catching up with Rachel Berry who shares how lessons learned in Hospitality (and specifically the Business of Coffee) can help grow any business!

The Barista Academy

For the shownotes to this podcast visit:  GotoGirlSocialMedia.com/82

To find out more about how Go to Girl can help you get NOTICED online & in person, come on over and visit the Go to Girl Website


Go to Girl does a video Podcast with 'screen share' to give you 2 of her 'Must Do's' to get your business NOTICED on Social Media.


Shownotes and video can be found on: http://www.gotogirl.co.nz/82-2mustdo/

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Are you an Otter, Beaver, Lion or Retriever?  Today we're talking 'Personality Types' and how understanding them can help you in your business.

Understanding Personality types can help us in better dealing with customers and clients as well as allowing ourselves to focus on what we're good at.

Enjoy!  Go to Girl, making Social Media & Networking, easy, fun & fabulous!


Shownotes: http://www.gotogirl.co.nz/80

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Buckle your seat belt and get set for some brilliant tips from Mike 'Ambassador' Bruny on the Do's and Don'ts of Conference Networking.  Go to Girl Natalie Cutler-Welsh is thrilled to interview Mike, someone who loves Networking as much as she does!  This episode also has a video recording. Please visit http://www.gotogirl.co.nz/79-ambassador-bruny/ to view the video and show notes.


Go to Girl Social Media & Networking Website 

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If you thought Jealousy was 'bad' then think again!  It can actually help you pin point what you truly desire in your life.  This (among many other things) we learn from Lysa Black in this episode of the Go to Girl Podast.  Lysa's Business is 'Heart Magic', helping people to release the pain of the past so that they can step into their greatness.  Listen to learn how understanding the 'Secret value' of how emotions can help you to have a life and a business that you love. 


#78 Show Notes 

Other Go to Girl Podcasts 

Heart Magic Website

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What new tool or app have you discovered lately?  Fellow Podcaster & Business Coach Marian LaSalle from 'Tools, Tips & Technology' shares nifty tools & tips to help you be more productive, efficient and grow your business.


Show Notes for this Podcast

Other Go to Girl Podcasts

Tools, Tips & Technology Website

Direct download: 77_Tools_Tips_and_Technology.mp3
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So would you or wouldn't you?  Go to see a Psychic?  Yep... this is a bit of an unique topic for a business podcast but many people are intrigued by the concept of getting insight about what the future holds.  In this episode I'm chatting with Melissa Mills from Melissa Mills International Psychic Medium.  She used to ride camels & speaks fluent french and now she uses her gift to help people understand their past and gain insight into their future. 


Helpful Links:

Shownotes available at: GotoGirlSocialMedia.com/76

Direct download: 76_Going_To_a_Psychic.mp3
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75:  How to Wow the Crowd online & on stage

If you're speaking at an event, workshop or webinar, you're going to love this episode of the Go to Girl Podcast.  I'm chatting with Soness Stevens, Coach to Ted and TedX Speakers around the world.  She's based in Japan and shares techniques on how you can wow the crowd at your next event, whether online or on stage.


Podcast #75 Show Notes

Other Go to Girl Podcasts

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I met Mandy Beverly at a weekend workshop in 2014.   She's so striking with her thick and gorgeous auburn hair and her calm and nurturing voice.  In this podcast she shares her years of training using the Dr Demartini method and her experience from the countless coaching sessions and workshops that she's run in Auckland and Queenstown.  We're talking about perceptions, paradigms and getting out of your story.


Mandy Beverley Website

Show Notes for Podcast:  GotoGirlSocialMedia.com/74

Go to Girl Website

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I gleaned amazing tips and met inspirational people at the Social Media Marketing World Conference in San Diego.  I'm excited to share 10 of the Top Ten Takeaways with you in this Podcast.

I met A-mazing people including Pat Flynn, Cliff Ravenscraft, Mari Smith and more at this Conference.  That plus the content plus the other incredible people I connected with made it well worth the flight from New Zealand!

Show Notes & Related Blogs & Podcasts

Go to Girl Social Media & Networking

Direct download: Episode_73.mp3
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Wow this Podcast could not be more timely!  I'm totally on fire with Social Media and biz ideas but my body is falling apart.  Can you relate?  Tammy Hume talks about all that juggling that we do as entrepreneurs and how we make sure we can give love to both our body and our business. 

Podcast Shownotes:  GotoGirlSocialMedia.com.72

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Do you have a 'Strategy' for your online content? In this episode of the Go to Girl Podcast, I’m chatting with Dan Norris, co-founder of WP Curve about Content Management Strategy.  He shares tips on what to do and what not to do.


Related Links:

WP Curve


Show notes available at:  GotoGirlSocialMedia.com/71

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Want to learn how to 'commercialise your uniqueness'?  In this episode, Nat interviews Thought Leader Business coach Laurel McLay about how to earn more in your business.  We discuss 'conviction based selling' and how to be bright, gorgeous and talented in your business.  


Show notes and more awesome blogs & podcasts on:



Direct download: 69_How_to_earn_more_in_your_business.mp3
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What would your life look like if you were 'living the dream'?  In this episode, Go to Girl Nat chats with Otila Osborne from her villa in Bali.  She shares her tips on what to do and not to do when chasing your dream life and running a business.


Show Notes and related Blogs & Podcasts:


Direct download: 70_Living_The_Dream.mp3
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Erik Fisher from Beyond the To Do List & Social Media Examiner shares his favourite Productivity Apps and predictions for Social Media trends in this episode of the Go to Girl Podcast. 

Erik is fellow Podcaster & Productivity Coach for 'Beyond the To Do List' and Author of Ready, Aim, Fire.

Show Notes:  GotoGirlSocialMedia.com/68


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How & Why to Outsource so you can do what you Love


Direct download: 68_Productivity_Apps__Social_Media_trends_for_2015.mp3
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Do you ever do 'hot defiant spending' like my Podcast guest Sarah McMurray?  In this episode we get real on the Money side of running your own business, the pressures that can put on yourself/family and how to thrive (rather than survive).  


Related Blogs & Podcasts:

Checklist for a Rockin & Profitable 2015

Price Point & Self Worth with Denise Duffield-Thomas


Visit: gotogirlsocialmedia.com/podcast

Show notes & links for this episode: gotogirlsocialmedia.com/67

Direct download: 67_Relating_To_Money.mp3
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Wondering how you can grow and nurture your list as well as your following on facebook?  In this episode, Go to Girl Nat shares some secrets and strategies on what works and what doesn't.


For the full show notes visit:  GotoGirlSocialMedia.com/66

To find out more & join the Go to Girl 7 Secrets Online Course

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Ever feel like you're ready to eat & cook more healthy food?  Get inspired in this podcast interview with Wick Nixon from Wicked Wellbeing.  From farmgirl to foodie, Wick shares her journey and tips for eating healthy as well as an invite to her Kitchen club.


For the full show notes visit:  gotogirlsocialmedia.com/65

Direct download: 65_Eating_Healthy_Made_Easy.mp3
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What is your money goal for 2015?  In this episode I'm talking to friend and business coach Karen Oates about pushing through the 100K barrier and her amazing free 5 day business retreat. 

For the full show notes from this podcast episode please visit gotogirlsocialmedia.com/64

Business Explosion NZ

Related Links



Direct download: 64_Pushing_the_100K_Barrier.mp3
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There comes a time as a business owner when you realise that you just can't do it on your own anymore.  In this podcast, Go to Girl Natalie Cutler-Welsh chats with fellow Canadian Jozsef Kiss about outsourcing or hiring a 'Virtual Assistant' and why you need to outsource your unwanted tasks so you can do what you love!

Related Blogs & Podcasts can be found on GotoGirlSocialMedia.com

Shownotes for this podcast:  GotoGirlSocialMedia.com/63

Somebody2Hire.com: Online Marketing & Virtual/Executive Staffing

Direct download: 63_Why_You_Need_to_Outsource_Unwanted_Tasks.mp3
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Woo hoo!  I'm super excited to bring you this interview with the animated and inspirational speaker Cam Calkoen on the Go to Girl Podcast.

In this episode, Cam shares his philosophy and tips on speaking and on 'Living for Awesome'. 


Show Notes for this Podcast Episode



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Follow the Feelgood in Your Business



Direct download: 62_Living_For_Awesome.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 3:37pm NZST

You'll get inspiration & ideas from this interview with Susan Stevens who's recently taken a big leap of faith to pull together her business Meme & Co.  One of the key elements to her successful launch has been Leveraging Partnerships and Beautiful Branding.

Helpful Links:

Meme & Co website

Shownotes for this Podcast

Related Podcasts:

How to have a Rockin' & Profitable 2015

8 Biz Lessons from Parenting


Direct download: 61__Levereging_Partnerships__Beautiful_Branding.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 3:07am NZST

Go to Girl Nat shares her checklist of tips and techniques for having a 'Rockin' & Profitable 2015'.   Some of these include living by your 'Big 5', Handing it over and having a clear & compelling offer. 

Direct download: Go_to_Girl_Podcast_60.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:01pm NZST

Nat interviews her long-time friend and founder of 'Follow the Feelgood' Tiffany Manchester about 4 steps to 'follow the feelgood' in your business.  Including tapping into your WHY, Come back to NOW and knowing when to let go.

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Price Point & Self-Worth with Denise Duffield-Thomas

Putting YOU on the Map in 2015 with Fi Jamieson-Folland


Go to Girl Website

Follow the Feelgood Website


Direct download: 59__How_to_Follow_the_Feelgood_in_your_Business.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 1:10am NZST

What a thrill to chat with the 'Abundance Queen' herself, the lovely Denise Duffield-Thomas aka 'Lucky Bitch'.   We tackle the topic of Price Point & Self-worth and Denise shares her wisdom and story of going from a place of lack to Manifesting a life of Abundance and how you can do it too!


Helpful Links:

The Lucky Bitch 'Christmas Bundle' of meditations & manifestations for Abundance. *Limited time 


Show Notes:  gotogirl.co.nz/58


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Taking Action on Outsourcing

How to put YOU on the Map in 2015



Direct download: 58__Price_Point__Self_Worth.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 5:56pm NZST

As a business owner, it's so easy to get caught up in the never-ending 'to do' list and forget to take care of yourself!  In this episode, Fi Jamieson-Folland is a 'health detective' who shares her tips on being your best healthy self and putting YOU on the map in 2015.


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Health & Wellness with Fi Jamieson-Folland

Journey to Wellness  with Linda Crosbie

Taking Action on Outsourcing 

Direct download: 57_Putting_You_on_the_Map.mp3
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56 Biz Lessons From Parenting

Raising kids is challenging and fun -just like running your own business.   In this episode, Go to Girl Nat shares her tips & insights on business lessons that can be learned from Parenting.  

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If Only They'd Told Me Parenting Podcast


Buy Nat's book 'If Only They'd Told Me'

Direct download: 56_Biz_Lessons_From_Parenting.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 7:47pm NZST

Here's what happens when you invest in your business from the 'get go'. When you get great photos, design a fab website & put yourself out there with compelling video.  In this episode I chat with Natalie Tolhopf from 'Catapault Your Career' about her 4 Must Do Tips for Entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

Related Blogs & Podcasts

Visit Gotogirl.co.nz 


Contact details for Natlie Tolhopf:

Catapault Your Career Website 

Catapault Your Career Facebook Page


Direct download: 55_How_To_Hit_Tthe_Ground_Running.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 4:50pm NZST

Ever feel like you pour more love and energy into your business than you do to your relationship?  In this episode, Relationship Coach Tarisha Tourok from 'Deeply in Love Again' shares 'the 3 Essential Secrets to Revive the Love in your Relationship'.  She even says the 'E' word!

Website Links:


Get your free gift with relationship tips at:



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Love Languages - If Only They'd Told Me Podcast

Balancing Business & Family Life - Go to Girl Podcast




Direct download: 54_How_a_Happy_Relationship_Can_Create_a_Happy_Business-01.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:56pm NZST

Want to know why it's so important for your website and business to be mobile-friendly?  Angela from Mobi Nomad shares her insight and tips in this Go to Girl podcast episode. 


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Falling in Love with Google Plus

Reducing Online Overwhelm

How to thrive in Online Communities

These can all be found on gotogirl.co.nz

Direct download: 53_Making_Your_Business_Mobile_Friendly.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 9:01am NZST

Have you discovered the joys of Instagram yet and how you can best use it for your business?  In this episode, Go to Girl Natalie Cutler-Welsh chats with fellow podcaster Chandra Achberger about growing your business with Instagram.

For more great Social Media & Online Marketing tips visit GotoGirl.co.nz

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Falling in Love with Google Plus


Pinterst for Business

Direct download: 52_Growing_Your_Business_with_Instagram.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 3:05pm NZST

It's pretty common to 'tweak' your business as you go, but for some people you just get to a point where either you need to face the music or your heart's not in it anymore.  In this podcast, I'm talking with Alison King who let go of one business (baby/kids products with Incy Wincy) to start another that fitted better with her goals and dreams.  Her new business is 'Run for your Life'. Enjoy!


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 Fuelling Your Family & Business

Direct download: 51_Changing_Businesses_and_Following_your_Heart.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 7:22am NZST

Are you using Google Analytics to benefit your business?  Do you know where most of your website traffic is coming from and how long they're sticking around?  In this podcast, Go to Girl Nat interviews Jo Couchman from Creative Web Ideas about 'Understanding Google Analytics'. 


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Reducing Online Overwhelm



Direct download: 50_Understanding_Google_Analytics.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 12:52am NZST

Are you still tring to do everything or have you hired a team or VA to help you out? In this podcast, Go to Girl Natalie Cutler-Welsh shares her personal journey from 'doing it all by myself' to gradually embracing Outsourcing.  Anything from accounting to cleaning can be delegated to someone else so that you can focus on what you're awesome at and love to do!


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Direct download: 49_Taking_Actions_on_Outsourcing.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 8:04am NZST

Nat talks to Jayne Albiston about how BOB 'Business over Breakfast' clubs, the power of Networking and the importance of Key Partnerships.


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Thriving in Online Communities

Grow your Business with LinkedIn

Direct download: 48__Networking__Key_Partnerships_with_Jayne_Albiston.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 8:58am NZST

Want to learn how to target facebook ads to reach your ideal client and send you more leads?  In this podcast, Go to Girl Natalie Cutler-Welsh interviews friend and colleague Mari Connor about 'Ninja Tricks for Facebook Advertising'.

Contact:  Marigold Marketing Group


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Pinterest for Business

Facebook for Business

Grow Your Business through LinkedIn

Direct download: 47_Ninja_Tricks_for_Facebook_Ads.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:05pm NZST

Ever wondered what 'Dress for Success' is all about?  Sue Lewis-O'Halloran, Regional director of NZ/Australia Dress for Success shares the story behind the organisation and how they help women around the world.



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Podcast #41 Thank You payroll podcast interview with Lani Evans about 'Social Enterprise' 


Direct download: 46_Dress_for_Successs.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 9:58am NZST

Go to Girl Natalie Cutler-Welsh interviews Business & Lifestyle coach Kathryn Price on her 3 tips on 'getting clear'.


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Getting Clear, Organised & Onto it - Blog & Podcast with Kathryn Price

Investing in Yourself - Blog & Podcast by Go to Girl

Direct download: 45_Three_Tips_for_Getting_Clear.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:06am NZST

In this episode, Nat interviews Maya Gaddie, Tech Matchmaker and Digital Entrepreneur about her 5 Tips for a successul speaking gig. 


Contact Maya Gaddie:  Mayagaddie.com

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40 Thriving in Online Communities

39 Falling in Love with Google Plus

Direct download: 42_All_about_Speaking_Events_and_Tech_Tools.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:15pm NZST

In this Go to Girl Podcast, Nat talks to Linda Crosbie about leaving the Corporate world and following her dream.  Changing direction and finding health and wellness.  Linda shares her journey of creating 'Salt Haven'. New Zealand's first Salt therapy haven.

Salt Haven website


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32: Investing in Yourself

34: Health & Wellness with Fiona Jamieson-Folland

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Running your own business can be overwhelming!  In this Go to Girl Podcast, Natalie Cutler-Welsh talks to Nicole Lombardo from the Marketing Co-op about reducing Online Overwhelm. 

Marketing Co-op


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I love hearing about businesses who give as they go.  Who care about the community and build it into their business plan.  In this episode, Go to Girl Natalie Cutler-Welsh interviews a business who does just that!  She's talking to Lani Evans, CEO of Thank You Payroll. 

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Nat interviews fellow Canadian & fellow Podcaster Sandy Sidhu about how to thrive 

in Online Communities. Sandy is a Digital Strategist and idea igniter from ‘The 

Business Ignite Show’. 



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We’re talking about Hangouts and hashtags, circles and communities in this episode 

of the Go to Girl podcast. 

Discover why G+ is awesome and how to use it to network, help others and grow 

your business. 

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Ever wonder what it's like running a business when your business partner is also your 'partner'?  We delve into 'working with your partner' as well as cover some key tips on running Webinars in this interview with Andrew and Kim Baird from Amazing Business. 

Amazing Business



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What is your Superpower and have you ever fully immersed yourself by going on a Retreat?  It was so much fun skype interviewing Lynan Saperstein and talking all about her Trailblazer retreats and embracing your 'Superpower'.  


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Kathryn Price is a professional copywriter and coach. Listen in as we discuss getting clear, getting organised, and getting on with it! 


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What story have you got, that the media might be interested in?

Nat talks with media coach Louise Pagonis


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Description: Fiona Jamieson-Folland is Go to Girl’s featured guest expert on health 

and wellness. In this episode, Fi and Nat talk about mindfulness and the three easy 

things (if nothing else) that people can do to live a more healthy life. 


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Catherine Newton, Entrepreneurial Success coach is back in the studio!  She’s talking to us about the ‘3 Magic Questions that get clients to ‘YES’.

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In this episode, Nat talks about the value of 'investing in yourself' to create a better life and business.  Coaching, workshops, mastermind groups and online programs (among other things) are all ways of investing in yourself.  

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Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Find out how and why LinkedIn is relevant, even if you're growing your own business. 

Kate Nankivell is a LinkedIn Specialist and social media consultant. Find out more about Kate at: 

  • http://www.forceofnature.co.nz/linkedin-expert/
  • https://www.facebook.com/forceofnaturenz
  • https://twitter.com/LinkedInKate


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Nat speaks with Co-Owner of Bird on a Wire, Sophie Gilmour about starting a business and living authentically. 



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Go to Girl, Natalie Cutler-Welsh interviews the inspirational entrepreneurial success coach, Catherine Newton about her work and workshop 'Ignite & Inspire' - helping entrepreneurs and small business owners to discover their genius.  

Getting clear

Getting confident. 

And getting clients!


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How can you create fabulous video to help with your online presence?

In 2004, after a life-time of presenting, Paulus Romijn founded the Presenters' Platform to help people with on screen and public speaking training.

Nat discusses with Paul, tips for making great videos, including:

  • Engaging, entertaining and captivating people
  • Understanding timing
  • Having an opinion
  • Having a heart felt connection and being personable
  • Structure and simplicity
  • A clear call to action


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In this episode, Go to Girl interviews fellow kiwi-Podcaster Sara Spear from ‘The Parentalist’. 

Sara gives the inside scoop on how and why she started podcasting and the success of her Kickstarter campaign for children’s books.

Sara also interviewed Nat on her show (along with Jaime Tardy, Tim Reid and Rod Drury). www.theparentalist.com


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Lindsey is a ‘Cloud Virtual Professional’. In this episode she shares her insights on:

  • Why list building is so important.
  • Tips for successfully growing your list.
  • Newsletter content & frequency


Thanks to http://catherinenewton.com/ for sponsoring this episode.

For more information or to conact me go to:

  • http://www.gotogirl.co.nz
  • nat@gotogirl.co.nz
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Nicky Perry is a graphic designer, owner of boutique design company, Creative Current. and mother of two. She talks with Nat about logos, tag lines, unique selling points and more. 

Creative Current

  • http://www.creative-current.com/
  • https://www.facebook.com/creativecurrent
  • https://twitter.com/nickycreative
  • http://www.pinterest.com/nicky_perry/
  • http://www.ladonnamoderna.com/
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Ooh la la, Go to Girl Nat is interviewing fellow Social Media maven Jackie Johnstone all the way from Bordeau France.

Jackie gives her tips on the pillars of Social Media…

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Fellow Canadian Renata Mathewson talks to Go to Girl all about Demystifying Marketing. 

Renata from Maple Marketing shares her 5 top tips for small-med sized businesses to have effective marketing that works.


Sponsored by:  www.creative-current.com

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Peter Vaughan is the man to talk to about numerology and how ‘knowing your numbers’ can help your business.  

Whether you’re open-minded or apprehensive about how numbers can tell you about your personality, your past and your future, you’ll enjoy this episode!



This episode of Go to Girl is brought to you by Maple Marketing


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To take your business to the next level,  you really need to let go of some stuff.

What is outsourcing and what are your barriers to getting started?

This podcast is all about focussing on doing what you love and what you’re good at and outsourcing the rest!  Nat discusses what is outsourcing, how to get started, and Virtual Assistants.


Plus, the importance of blocking out your time and online tools like schedule once, time trader and Asana.

This episode of the Go to Girl Podcast is brought to you by http://loveyoursmallbusiness.com/



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Grab your pen and paper because in this episode, Go to Girl Nat works through some questions from the awesome and inspirational Jaime Tardy.  These include questions about your business and marketing, sales, customer service, business systems, finances and personal growth.

Jaime Tardy is the ‘eventual millionaire’ www.eventualmilionaire.com.



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Liz Brazier is an internationally-based lifestyle coach, writer, life/work integration expert, and host of the Live Your Life Now podcast. She’s dedicated her work and show (ranked in the top 10 self-help podcasts on iTunes) to helping high-level professionals find more freedom, flexibility, fun, and control in their busy lives. How? By giving them the inspiration and tools to take action NOW  - instead of waiting for ‘someday’. 

When she’s not on the air, Liz is helping one-on-one clients create the amazing lifestyles they deserve, flying between her two homes in New Zealand and New Jersey, and blogging on her website: www.lizbrazier.com

To work with Liz, and grab some solid gold tips about stepping up to design the life you want, head over to www.lizbrazier.com/connect


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Did you know that predictive-text translates ‘Sisson’ into Wisdom? 'Go to Girl’ Nat interviews Natalie Sisson the ‘Suitcase Entrepreneur’. 

Natalie Sisson is a world traveller, business coach, best selling author and a Kiwi!  And she’s all about ‘creating freedom in business and adventure in life’ so it’s only fitting that the interview took place in a car on a rainy day in Auckland, New Zealand!

For info on the Suitcase Entrepreneur & Go to Girl Social Media Workshop

click here: http://suitcaseentrepreneur.com/nzworkshop









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Do you have a social media strategy? Listen in for some great tips on how to get started, with 'Coversologist' Jam Mayer - online business strategist for social customer management.

Find out more, or connect with Jam at:

  • http://jammayer.com/
  • https://www.facebook.com/jammayer
  • http://www.slideshare.net/jammayer
  • https://twitter.com/jammayer
  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/jammayer
  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/+JamMayer/posts
  • http://www.pinterest.com/jammayer/

To get in touch with Nat go to http://www.gotogirl.co.nz, or email nat@gotogirl.co.nz

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